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Raw Hair is UNPROCESSED hair–exactly as it has been cut off from a donor. No chemicals like silicones have been added to the hair. When collected from the donor, the hair is thoroughly cleaned before it is then packaged and sent to you.
Raw Hair can last up to 5 years depending on how you care for it. This hair has been cut off from another human being so it will be missing some nutrients. This is when you will need to artificially feed it back all the nutrients it may be missing. Failure to do this will reduce the life span of your Raw Hair. We have a range of products specially formulated for Raw Hair.
This means that each bundle of hair is collected from one person's head.
Our raw Indian human hair is sourced directly from India. We work directly with Raw Indian human hair factories who manufacture our hair. They are in control of production & the quality control from inspection all the way down to distribution. Once the hair reaches the factories for production the hair is sorted to help separate the different hair length & color. The hair is then washed & Double stitched into a weft & left to be inspected by the quality team to remove any nits, lice & gray hairs. The hair is then washed again & left to be sun dried then packaged to be dispatched.
2 bundles for lengths 8 -12; 3 bundles for lengths 12 – 20; 4 or more bundles for lengths 20 – 30.
We all have dead ends last time I checked don't we? Split ends are Normal when dealing with Raw Indian human hair. Split ends will not tarnish the overall Quality of your investment. If you are worried about the ends of your hair consult with your hairstylist at the time of your appointment to have them clipped.
Shedding has every thing to do with the construction of the wefts. However shedding is a Given All hair sheds just like the hair from our scalp. Given that this hair is wefted fallen strands may occur. Excessive Shedding is NOT normal. Keeping mind your desired hair style can or may contribute to shedding if your wefts have been cut during the styling Process. To protect your hair from shedding the flip over method is commonly done to avoid little to no shedding.
There is no such thing as a grading system when you are purchasing Hair from me. Grading systems such as Grade 9A & 10A are tactics that are used by Chinese Factories for marketing. They use this grading as a description to classify the quality of their hair. raw Indian human hair will only be available for purchase in 3 natural textures natural straight, natural wavy & natural curly period.
Raw hair can be colored/bleached/dyed but we suggest you hire a professional to do this and if you choose to do it yourself, please use the best quality hair coloring products or purchase our already colored Raw Hair
We strongly advise you to book your hair appointment with your hair stylist after you receive your hair . Just in case there may be a delay with your order.
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